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Interior painting in Goodyear, AZ

We painted most of the house semi gloss beige, but these two rooms got a little more attention.

Exterior Color Change in Goodyear

Here's an exterior we finished last week in the Fairways sub-division.  The new homeowner changed to a different color scheme.  We even did the lights to match the new trim color.

Kitchen Cabinets in Goodyear

The customer wanted to change the cabintes to a different look to go with their decor.  We filled 1 handle hole on each door to allow for new pulls also.

Exterior in Pebble Creek

 We painted the garage doors, carrige lights and one wall in the garage in Pebble Creek, located in Goodyear AZ.  We are on Pebble Creek's approved painter list.

Exterior repaint in Goodyear, AZ

We've just finished this exterior repaint in the Estrella Mountain Ranch neighborhood.  The customer is a part time resident and we finished it so they could come into town and see a freshly painted house.

Interior repaint Goodyear, AZ

We just finished this interior repaint in Goodyear.  We had to do some of the ceilings that had been damaged, all the woodwork and most of the walls. 

Refinished entry door Goodyear, Arizona

This front door, although rustic, needed to be refinished.  There were cracks that went all the way through that had to be filled and stained to match and the whole door and frame received a coat of exterior varnish.

Interior painting in Goodyear, AZ

We were asked to do 'something a little different' in this spare bedroom and went with 4 colors in a row from a color swatch.  This was a whole interior repaint with a few accents throughout.

Custom house exterior in Goodyear, AZ

This is an exterior of a custom home in Goodyear we just finished.  The house had small cracks throughout and the wood beams needed restained.

Recent Exterior Repaint in Goodyear AZ

This house in Goodyear needed a fresh coat of paint to give the exterior a new house look.  The customer also added a black security door which we painted to match the front door.

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